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Terms, Conditions and Refunds

  • 4wd Tours Qld takes no responsibility for damage to your vehicle. 4wd operation on off-road surfaces involves higher risks than driving on paved roads. The driver must ensure they have their own appropriate insurance to cover possible vehicle damage.

  • 4wd Tours Qld takes no responsibility for personal injury arising from activities on our events. The driver must always ensure the safety of their passengers.

  • The driver acknowledges that they have confidence to drive their 4wd in off-road situations appropriate to the level of the event they have chosen. 4WD Tours Qld is not a 4wd training organisation. The driver must seek their own off-road training via an accredited training company prior to coming on events with 4wd Tours Qld.

  • The driver must have an open, provisional P1 or P2 (red/green) driver’s license appropriate to the state you reside in. We do not accept learner drivers.

  • The driver is responsible for the conduct of their passengers at all times during the event.

  • It is highly recommended that the driver has roadside recovery membership such as RACQ or similar. Your vehicle must be in roadworthy condition, legally allowed to drive on roads in Australia and 4wd functionality of the vehicle must be in good working condition. The driver must ensure that they have a full tank of fuel prior to event.

  • For all medium and difficult tracks, your vehicle must have your own snatch strap and recovery hooks on the front and rear of your vehicle.

  • Driver is responsible for following road rules and regulations in the locations that we visit including state forests, national parks, and commercial off-road locations and takes full responsibility for all infringement fines. No alcohol consumption by the vehicle driver during the event is permitted.

  • The driver is responsible for security of personal equipment and that of their passengers, ensure vehicle is locked prior to moving away from it.

  • Ensure you make 4wd Tours Qld aware of any medical condition that may impact on your health during the event (eg asthma, heart condition etc). All Covid regulations must be followed.

  • Pets are not permitted on trips or events to national parks.

  • Extra costs for activities/events such as but not limited to, camping, brewery/wineries, meals, commercial 4wd parks etc are to be paid direct to those companies via their payment methods.

  • 4wd Tours Qld does not supply camp/picnic equipment, you must have your own serviceable condition camp/picnic equipment. No responsibility will be taken for damaged camping/picnic equipment.

  • The driver takes full responsibility for all BBQ’s and campfire management. All fire regulations within local districts and campgrounds must be followed. Campfires must be extinguished if the driver is not present to control it. No refunds will be given due to firewood being wet due to adverse weather conditions.

  • Payment is to be made via bank transfer to 4wd Tours Qld allowing enough time for the funds to arrive in our account prior to the trip or event. You must email 4wd tours Qld for an invoice with payment instructions to be generated. Payment to 4wd Tours Qld demonstrates acceptance of these terms and conditions. The driver will be asked to write their name and number of passengers, vehicle details including year, model, registration and sign the trip sheet prior to the start of the event to acknowledge understanding and acceptance of these terms, conditions and refunds policy.

  • 4wd Tours Qld reserves the right to cancel or alter any event at any time. 4wd Tours Qld will determine if any refund is due if this action occurs

  • If the driver does not comply with any of these terms and conditions, you and your passengers may be asked to leave the event without notice and no refund will be given.