What To Expect On The Tracks

How challenging will the tracks be?

Events fall into 3 main categories of easy, medium, or difficult.  When choosing, be aware of your skills and abilities. You are the only one who is capable of understanding your abilities.  

Wet weather sometimes means easy tracks become medium, medium tracks may become difficult, for this reason, throughout a day trip, we reserve the right to amend the trip to suit the original rating as close as possible. 

The following is an indication of what to expect from each level it does not cover every possible scenario as 4wdriving is reliant on driving conditions at the time.




4wd Tours Qld offers a range of tag along style day trips and longer trips to sensational destinations for your family or friends’ group. You must have your own registered 4wd to attend. 

Regions we explore via 4wd include; 

Our services for tag along trips involve;